Markus Hiller

Markus Hiller

Founder of BLUEPIC

7 Pitfalls to Dodge When Creating Graphic Templates

In today's digital landscape, graphic templates can serve as the architectural framework that defines your brand's online presence. They act as the steadfast guardians of your brand's visual harmony, enabling individuals of all

Presets in BLUEPIC Studio

Use presets in BLUEPIC Studio to get a better understanding of how to create BLUEPIC templates yourself. 🧑‍🎨At least one new preset will be added each week! 1. Open BLUEPIC Studio Open BLUEPIC

Getting Started with BLUEPIC Studio

We're thrilled to share our first set of LEARN BLUEPIC videos! These videos are here to help you kickstart your journey with BLUEPIC Studio, where you can create individual graphic templates in your

Bluepic has launched 🚀

After nearly 2 years of development, testing, and continuous refinement, we are thrilled to announce that BLUEPIC has officially exited its beta phase. Registration is now open to everyone! During these past two