Bluepic has launched πŸš€

Bluepic has launched πŸš€
The BLUEPIC Software Suite

After nearly 2 years of development, testing, and continuous refinement, we are thrilled to announce that BLUEPIC has officially exited its beta phase. Registration is now open to everyone!

During these past two years, a lot has changed, not just in terms of software development... We've revamped our business model multiple times, rebuilt the website three times, gathered feedback from our testing customers, and brainstormed new ideas every day, only to discard them later with a smile πŸ˜„

Our product range has expanded significantly, and we've gone from having just one application to now having four. This allows BLUEPIC to be seamlessly integrated into the daily operations of organizations in various ways.

Auf diesem Bild sind alle vier BLUEPIC SoftwarelΓΆsungen in einer Kacheloptik dargestellt
The four ways of using BLUEPIC

In the beginning, our plan was to offer only BLUEPIC Social as a software product. We intended to manually implement all graphic templates in our system in collaboration with the respective companies and organizations.

The development of BLUEPIC Studio, due to limited time and financial resources, seemed impossible initially. Although we were aware that BLUEPIC Studio was crucial for the success of BLUEPIC even back then, the efforts required for its development appeared immense. Fortunately, we underestimated our own abilities, and within the first six months, we were able to present a functional prototype. Over the following year, this prototype was extensively refined and has now far surpassed the prototype stage.

Because this stage of maturity applies not only to BLUEPIC Studio but also to all our other applications, we felt it was time to make our software accessible to everyone.

Following registration, you can start using the complete BLUEPIC Software Suite right away.

We can't wait to hear your thoughts πŸ’­

Markus Hiller

Markus Hiller

Founder of BLUEPIC