Bluepic is reinventing how brands’ create their digital media content!

We believe in the power of strictly separating the process of designing from coming up with content. That's why we've developed a next generation software suite catered to diverse digital marketing needs.

The rise of online marketing channels as vital means of customer engagement has increased the demand for visually appealing content from businesses. This, combined with the consumers expectation of personalized experiences, has led to a surge in the need for professional digital media creation across various platforms and channels. With decentralized organizational structures and the rise of remote work the need to involve more and more people in the digital media creation process, companies require streamlined workflows and collaborative tools.

Bluepic tackles this demand by offering an innovative workflow that strictly separates the process of designing from coming up with content.

Introducing Bluepic Studio, the industry's first comprehensive no-code editor for crafting responsive graphic templates. A professional designer can create templates tailored precisely to the company's brand identity, that later can be easily customized by non-professional users to create the final content. As designers work on the templates, they can leverage an extensive library of input modules, mathematical functions, and logical operations. Imagine Bluepic Studio as a fusion of a graphic design tool and spreadsheet software, with never-before-seen template creation features.

These Bluepic templates can be effortlessly shared with all your employees, business partners, or even third parties via the Bluepic Social app. With Bluepic Social graphics become forms! Anyone is now able to fill templates with content from anywhere and on any device, within a minute.

The best part? There is no need of design skills or knowledge of the brand-design-guidelines because the design happens automatically and safely in the background.