Lukas Wicke

Lukas Wicke

Lukas, co-founder of Bluepic, is a tech enthusiast with a keen eye for the latest trends. He enjoys exploring vegetarian cuisine, self care and exercise.

Transform Your Event Announcements on Social Media! (November 2023)

Navigating social media event announcements can be daunting, especially in large organisations with decentralised structures. The key is maintaining brand coherence. Bluepic's graphic templates streamline this, ensuring each post resonates with your brand's ethos, no matter who's behind the keyboard

Setze ein Zeichen mit dem perfekten Social-Media-Banner (Nov 23)

Setze ein Zeichen mit Bannerbildern! Von LinkedIn-Bannern bis Etsy-Covern: Lerne, trotz Profilbild-Überlagerungen und unterschiedlichen Layouts auffällige Bilder zu gestalten. Entfalte deine Kreativität und hebe dein Profil in der digitalen Masse hervor. #BannerDesign #SocialMedia

Make Your Mark with Banner Images: A Social Media Artform (Nov 23)

Master the art of social media banners with our guide! From LinkedIn banners to Etsy covers, learn to design images that pop, despite profile pic overlays and varying layouts. Unleash your creativity and make your profile stand out in the digital crowd. #BannerDesign #SocialMedia